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I’ve been planting self-growth and productivity seeds into my brain for a few years now, picking up incredible, ever-green lessons along that way. So since April of 2020, I have decided to document some of my insights weekly in the form of one short-form article about 2-3 minutes in reading time (aka readable with a coffee).

The family is now 920+ members strong (yay) and I’d love to have you join us!

The structure you’ll receive it in:

  • 1 short-form article, concise and often a personal insight.

  • 1 motivational or inspiring quote to get us pumped.

  • 1 recommendation whether a book, podcast, article or otherwise.

  • 1 link to my latest YouTube video, if you’re into that.

The author of this newsletter:

I’m Yath, a final-year medical student and UI/UX designer from London. I’m a huge advocate for sharing knowledge and growing collectively together. As the saying often goes, trees that grow in groups often grow taller than a tree in isolation.

I have thrown myself deeply into the self-growth and productivity space, and so the bulk of what you’ll read here will be life lessons or personal accounts of how particular lessons/processes have moulded my life.

Outside of this newsletter, you’ll find me tweeting daily self-growth content, making YouTube videos, and trying to become a safe, competent doctor.

Let’s get acquainted:

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I sometimes include affiliate links to stuff I recommend, this at no extra cost to you, helps me make a super tiny amount on every purchase you make.